Videos: What are we doing and why?

Video about Seamount project

In this video, project coordinator of BONUS Seamount Dr. Rudolf Bannasch and marine geologist Jan Scholten elaborate on what the team have been doing and why over the past three years of the project.

Of course there is also footage of the different underwater vehicles during field testing. Below one of the founders of the BONUS Seamount Project Michal Latacz elaborates on why it’s important to develop new underwater vehicles such as the ones tested in BONUS Seamount.

NOA underwater vehicle

Manta with no wings

One of the underwater vehicles developed during the project was in the shape og a manta ray as seen in the first video. However, the shape has now been altered to be even more functional. The manta has lost its wings and instead gained two small hindlegs, which in combination with two propulsion thrusters makes it move more steadily through the water. The orange ‘hat’ on Poggys head is a small communication device. See the updated manta, nicknamed ‘Poggy’, below.

updated vehicle poggy

Read more about Poggy.