BONUS Seamount website launched

The first version of the Bonus Seamount website contains all the basic information about the project.
The project started on july 1, 2017 and lasts for 3 years.


NOA Sentinel

New Tecnologies

  • Innovative Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (ROV / AUV), integrating an adaptable set of sensors for in-situ underwater measurements of the Baltic Sea
    • An intelligent diving laboratory in essence
    • New-generation bionic drive system (Squid Drive) for propulsion on a gentle, energy-wise way
  • Intelligent Subsea Monitoring Network with integrated AUV
    • An adaptable and autonomous sensor network with advanced underwater communication system for cost-effective sea research without the need of a ship on the proximity

Scientific Advancement

  • Apply the new technology on a complex study for the detection and understanding of subsurface groundwater discharge at selected sites in Denmark, Germany and Finland
    • Improvement of the ecological status of the Baltic Sea is one of the main objectives of EU-policies (Marine Strategy Framework Directive, Water Framework Directive etc.)
    • Large uncertainties exist about nutrient and pollutant load from submarine groundwater discharge
    • Detailed spatial examination in discharge areas is urgently needed, to quantify the groundwater influx and to investigate its composition/origin and influence on the seafloor environment, and salinity, oxygen, nutrient and pollutant fluxes in the Baltic Sea
  • New technology is necessary to allow a better assessment of submarine groundwater discharge and loads, and their importance for the Baltic Sea ecosystem